Friday, February 8, 2008

Mk Bev Dots

*Remember you can change the font colors to your liking by clicking template then click the tab font and colors.
* Also I added a bunch of page elements hoping to cover every ones wide range of sidebar elements. You might notice when you sign in blogger and click on dashboard that there is a lot of elements. You can edit or delete those if you want (at least the ones you aren't using:) Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause some of you but hopefully it will help. One more thing it will most likely rearrange the way you had your elements so just rearrange them and you'll be good to go.


Log into your blogger account and go to your dashboard.
Click on Layout in the right hand corner of the blog which you want to apply the template.
Go to Pick New Template
Choose Minima
Click Save Template
Go to Edit HTML
Delete all of the HTML
Go to:
Copy all of the HTML (don't copy the small blue text at the bottom under the line)
Paste the HTML
Click Save Template
That's it!
Don't forget to tell your friends! Thanks!